Here at Echo Video we love filming. There’s nothing better than getting out on location, setting up lights, finding the best angles and creating something truly memorable. However, more and more of our clients are exploring alternatives to live action videos such as animation. Of course there are many different styles of animation you can choose from, which we’ve covered in a previous blog, but why would you choose to have an animated video when a video about a company can benefit greatly from having a human face, someone for the audience to connect with?

Easier to explain
Whether you work in IT, engineering, finance or any other sector you will undoubtedly have processes and systems that you may need to sell to or explain to potential clients. Trying to outline these on camera may leave you tongue tied and more confused than when you started. In these cases an animation can be priceless. Using clear imagery and a carefully thought out script, read by a voice over artist, you are able to put across even the most complicated of ideas.

Turnaround time
I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been asked to put together a video with short notice and a looming deadline. In these cases a simple animation may be the best option. This is because it removes the need for us to film anything which could take time to organise and then shoot. Although animations can be complex and time consuming they can sometimes be quicker to produce and we can do it all from the comfort of our office.

The fear factor
I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most videos have people in them. Sometimes these people are actors and are paid to be in front of a camera but more often than not when we’re producing a video for a company, the people in the video are staff members. We pride ourselves on being able to get great performances out of even the most shy and recalcitrant of people but every so often you simply can’t find anyone willing to appear in the video. Or maybe your staff are too busy and simply can’t spare the time to learn a script or rehearse an interview and then be filmed. In these cases an animated video removes all need to inconvenience your colleagues.

I can’t hear you
Whether it’s an expo or conference, there are times when people simply won’t be able hear the audio on a video. Therefore showcasing your beautifully shot and produced talking heads video is going to be rather pointless. A bright and clear animation can get your point across even without sound either through the use of on screen text or strong imagery.

Best of both worlds
Still can’t decide whether you want an animation of live action video? Then why not have both. Integrating animation into a live action video can look amazing and can really enhance what’s happening on screen whether it’s through demonstrating a process, highlighting different points or simply linking different clips together.

If you’re interested in having an animation produced or would like to discuss any of our other services please contact Echo Video and talk to Andy or Will.

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