Here at Echo Video we recently completed the production of a promotional animated video about an app for one of our clients. The video itself was not particularly complicated but I thought it offered up a good example of the steps we go through each and every time we produce a video. Obviously every video is different but we do have a template in mind of the ideal process to take a video from concept through to delivery and this one stuck fairly close to it. I’ve outlined the key steps below.

1. The first stage, as with most of our productions was to meet with the client. This can be in person or on the phone but it is vital at this stage to get a good understanding of what the client wants. This included the main content of the video, the style and look and the type of music and voice over. As this video was for a particular product, the client demonstrated it for us and took us through the usps.

2. After the meeting we took time to discuss ideas and explore options. It was important that we understood the product entirely so we demoed it trying to isolate the key message of the video. At this point we also started making notes on ideas for the script and storyboard.

3. It was time for the pitch. We sent the client an outline of what we felt was the best approach to produce for this video along with examples of other videos that were along similar lines. We also included a breakdown of what would be involved with the production – prep, animation, music, voice over etc along with an estimated price.storyboard-02

4. Once the client had accepted our pitch and price we started moving forward with pre-production proper. This included putting together a storyboard which depicted key scenes in the video, script beats and an early design idea of how the video might eventually look.

5. Our client had a couple of suggestions to incorporate into the storyboard but overall was pleased so it was time to start animating. We got all the assets necessary – models, screen capture, logos, colours, fonts – and set to work.

6. After the a couple of days work the first cut was completed. At this point we polished up the script and recorded a dummy version to get the timings of the video right. We then added a sample piece of music and sent it over.

7. The first cut was well received but wasn’t perfect. The client came back with a couple of ideas that he wanted included and a couple of changes. Once these were made we sent the second cut of the video back along with an updated script.

8. Once the client and we were happy with how the video was looking we sent the script off to the voice over artist. Once we received the final audio it was simply a case of replacing the dummy track, making the final tweaks and exporting the final version for our client to use delivering it around 3 weeks after the initial meeting


For more information about animated videos or if you would like Echo Video to quote for your animation project please contact Will or Andy on 01273 911345.

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