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Our very exciting new film project…

Our very exciting new film project…

We are currently very busy producing an exciting short film called ‘Sea Change’. The next stage for us is to raise enough money to cover the production, we are going about this in a couple of ways, one is by using the crowd funding website Sponsume and the other is through private investment. I have included a link below which will take you to our Sponsume page, so if you are interested in sponsoring us that would be be fantastic. Alternatively you can contact us by emailing info@echovideo.co.uk or visiting our website www.echofilms.co.uk.

Sea Change | Sponsume Sponsor Link

Sea Change

Writer/Director Barbara Jane Mackie and Producers Andy Gray & Will Beare aim to make ‘Sea Change’, a 30 minute short film drama set and shot on the Isle of Wight.

The film makers are eager to promote the Island as a viable shooting location, but are also keen to provide quality on-the-job training opportunities to local young people by having them work alongside experienced industry professionals.

The film has already attracted a lot of interest both locally and internationally. Renowned Hollywood cinematograpaher Stephen M. Katz a.s.c. best known for his work on The Blues Brothers and Gods and Monsters has signed on to shoot the film and we are recieving considerable support from Solent Productions and Southampton Solent University.

The Story

At a crossroads in her life, failed actress and drama teacher Miriam returns to the Isle of Wight, for the first time since the 1970 music festival when she watched her idol Jimi Hendrix play his last live performance. A spur of the moment decision finds Miriam aiding her two adopted children’s kidnapping of Mary, their grandmother, who wants out of her nursing home to go on one last pit-stop tour of her favourite island beaches.

During the day, both women embark on an emotional journey with Mary reminiscing about her days spent as a Wren during the Second World War and Miriam trying to find some clarity and direction in what she feels is her somewhat disappointing and aimless life.

When events take a sad turn, Miriam experiences a ‘sea change’ and regaining some of her youthful spirit, learns that growing older doesn’t have to mean losing out on the fun in life.

The Production Companies

Revel Media

Revel Media was set up by Screenwriter & Producer Barbara Jane Mackie and her partner Producer & Director Tony Steyger in 2006 to make quality films, television and broadband projects within the local community and in so doing provide training for media students by giving them the opportunity to work alongside experienced and talented film makers.

Barbara is a film and television writer and producer with a long track record of working at the BBC and Channel 4. She was responsible for developing such mainstream hits as ‘Dangerfield’ and ‘Dalziel & Pascoe’ and produced the BBC film ‘Seed’ for the New Writer’s Season.

Tony has been a documentary television producer and director for over 20 years, was Head of New Media at the BBC, producing and directing documentaries for many years for both BBC and Channel 4. Tony helped develop the ground breaking ‘Video Diaries’ and ‘Video Nation’ formats for the BBC as well as working on ‘Trade Secrets’ with Maverick TV and ‘Comic Relief’.

‘Sea Change’ will be Revel Media’s first screenplay dramatisation.

Echo Films

Echo Films is a subsidy of Echo Video Productions which was formed in 2007 by Southampton Solent University alumni Andy Gray and Will Beare. Since the formation of the company they have produced close to 300 corporate and promotional videos for a variety of clients including international organisations, public bodies, charities and large corporations for television broadcast, internet and DVD. Based in Brighton, Echo have strived to form close ties to a number of the city’s production companies and now have a large network of talented individuals with whom they do a lot of their work.

In addition to their corporate work Echo have also worked on a large number of music videos and films and are currently in post production for ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘Caught on Camera’ a short silent film directed by Julia Scott-Russell. Their involvement in these different projects vary from pre-production and script development to directing, camera, sound and post production.
They previously worked with both Tony Steyger and Stephen M. Katz a.s.c. on drama projects.

Will and Andy also have a history of working alongside students. They have worked closely with Solent University students as well as the Universities of Sussex & Surrey and have created strong links with City College Brighton to help further the students education and offer an insight into the world of professional video production.

Future projects for Echo currently include heading up the production of the inaugural Sussex Fashion Awards in 2011, Shakedown music festival, producing content for UK wide IPTV channels as well as the development of Brighton’s first broadcast television channel which will look to replace regional news in the near future.

Echo were delighted to have been asked by Barbara to produce ‘Sea Change’ and view it as a great opportunity to produce a truly interesting and engaging piece of work.