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Healthcare promotional video

Videos for private healthcare providers can be an invaluable resource. For potential customers, online videos are often very helpful at highlighting treatments on offer, explaining procedures and offering insight from previous customers. One of the largest areas of healthcare that benefit from video is dental practices. Whether you’re looking for a local private dentist or after something a bit more specialist like dental implants there are a wide array to choose from so having a great looking video is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Promotional Video for Dental Practices

A promotional video for dental practices can act as a great introduction. The viewer gets an opportunity to see inside the building and meet the dentists that could be working on them in the future. You can really use video to reflect the atmosphere of the practice and outline the treatments on offer there.

Type of video: Website promo
Brief: A short informative promotional video about the services provided by Savernake Forest Dental Practice.
Pre-production: Script writing
Services: Filming | Video editing | Logo animation | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band: £2,000+
Case Study Video

For any dental practice a testimonial video or case study video can be vital to securing new patients. They give first hand accounts of what it’s like to be treated at the dental practice from the patients themselves. A testimonial video might include a number of short interviews from different patients whereas a case study video, such as the one below, focuses on one patient and their story.

Type of video:  Patient case study video
Brief: A short documentary following the treatment of a patient who won a competition to have new teeth fitted.
Pre-production: Concept development | Script writing | Voice over casting | Location scouting
Services: Filming | Timelapse | Editing | Logo animation | Bespoke music composition | Voice over recording
Approximate Project Time: 6 months
Price Band: £3,000+
Informational treatment videos

Informational treatment videos that focus on one subject and go into it in depth can be extremely valuable for a dental practice. It allows the dentist to explain some of the more complicated procedures that they undertake whilst highlighting difficulties they encounter and how they overcome them. These can be fairly simple videos with just a talking head backed up with still images, models or even 3D animation to emphasise specific details.

Type of video: Instructional videos
Brief: Production of 6 videos covering a range of treatments on offer at the Brighton Implant Clinic.
Pre-production: N/a
Services: Filming | Video editing | Logo animation | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 1 week
Price Band: £1,000+
If you’re interested in having a promotional video, case study video or treatment video produced for your dental practice then why not get in touch with Echo Video.