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Exam Confidence Case Study

Here at Echo one of our most popular services is the online promotional video. These videos are competitively priced to offer the opportunity for a whole range of companies to promote themselves online with a high quality video.  We’ve completed loads of these videos for  companies all over the UK with each one we do offering a different set of challenges, and our latest was no exception.

The client in this instance was Exam Confidence who run revision courses for GCSE, AS and A2 Level students and they were after a video that would inform and promote.  Their brief was for us to attend one of their revision courses to film teachers and students working and then interview them to gain an insight into how the courses were run and get feedback from past and present students.

The first challenge was to film the students without interrupting the lessons. This meant we had to creep from classroom to classroom with minimal kit and had to keep our distance from the students to as to be as uninstrusive as possible.

The other main challenge arrived when we came to film the interviews a couple of weeks later in Chichester.  The client had organised to film in the grounds of the cathedral and luckily it was a bright, sunny day.  As soon as we set up however it became apparent that he had picked the loudest spot in all of the city.  Not only were there buses driving past every two minutes but the sound was reverberating off the massive stone structure therefore amplifying the noise levels.  Unfortunately it was too late to relocate so we stuck with it, stopping every minute or so to let another bus roar past.  Thanks to the close field mics and a bit or audio post production work the results weren’t too bad but I think next time I’ll be picking the location myself.

You can see how the video turned out below.