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Here you can find a selection of articles written by Echo about anything and everything to do with the video production process, case studies and even some general interest topics that relate to video in some way. If you’d like to keep up to date with our blog please sign up to our mailing list, follow our RSS feed or why not receive it via email.

Work to your budget and don’t try to achieve too much

I was on LinkedIn this weekend and saw a post about a video that hadn’t been executed very well and it got me thinking. What follows may not be ground breaking but I think it is an important point and people should consider it if they are having to produce a video on a tight budget or within a tight time-frame.


pre-visualisationsWhat are pre-visualisations?

So what exactly is a pre-visualisation I hear you ask…A pre-visualisation is a simple 3D animation that gives the client a general idea of how a shot or edited sequence will look once complete.


trending videosTrending Videos

Trending videos can be a great addition to a video marketing plan because they show that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest developments¬†within your sector. Trending videos fall in to the ‘free content’ category, they don’t directly sell but help to portray you as an industry specialist and they look to […]


debate videosCase Study – eCommera debate videos

Debate videos, round table discussions and really any kind of content that gets conversations moving are great options for video production.


talking_heads_videosTalking heads videos

I think people’s views on talking heads are based on the stereotypical dull man in a dull suit in a dull location speaking about a dull subject. But talking heads can be so much more and here at Echo Video we think that this type of video production is still one of the best ways to promote a product or service and communicate your message to an audience.


film-studioThe Pros and Cons of a Film Studio

Whenever a new project comes through the door one of the first questions is where does the video need to be filmed. The most common location is at the clients place of work and sometimes a studio is required.


personal-brandingPersonal Branding Videos

Stories have always captivated humans, from the first cave drawings right through to current box office hits we have always looked for ways to express ourselves and entertain others with stories from the heart.


carVideo pre-production and storyboards

Here at Echo Video we love it when a project comes through the door and requires storyboards and pre-visualisations. If the video is scripted and requires certain set-ups to tell the story and the idea is very creative storyboards can be an essential part of the pre-production process.


andy-05Video Producer Q&A – Andy Gray

When you boil it down, at work every day I get to play with expensive toys and run around filming things or putting fancy effects on a video. Once you realise you can get paid to do that, why would you do anything else?


will-06Video Producer Q&A – Will Beare

My aspiration is to work with the marine and superyacht industries. I love almost anything to do with the sea and am a keen sailor, so with my video production knowledge and skills it seems like a perfect fit.


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