Services: Planning | Aerial Filming | Video editing | Motion graphics | Music
Approximate Project Time: 8 weeks
Price Band: £7,500+

Experience Mid Sussex approached us with a fantastic project to produce ten 30 second aerial films for ten of their members and then an all encompassing 2 minute aerial promotional video for use across their social media channels. They wanted the films to help promote their offering of a truly unique and memorable visitor experience. As with all drone shoots planning was key, this particular project was made a little simpler because each of the locations had sufficient land for us to take-off and land in. The majority of filming was done when the locations were either closed or when they were at their quietest, this reduced the risk and made it easier for us to capture the exact shots we wanted.

We used a two person crew, the pilot could concentrate on flying the drone and the camera operator could concentrate on controlling the camera. This method allows us to capture much more dynamic shots compared to a single operator and we feel this really shines through when watching the films. Having the opportunity to film some of the most beautiful locations in mid Sussex from the air was a great privilege and the resulting videos have been received very well indeed.