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Animated video – Footfall

Animated videos are great option if the real life subject is either too big, too complicated or too costly to film with traditional video production techniques, others just prefer the look and style of an animation. They are great a portraying a lot of information very precisely and in a short time frame. Everything in the animation can be bespoke to your company and include all your branding colours and fonts so it ties in perfectly with your traditional marketing material.

The other benefit to choosing an animation is that you and your colleagues don’t have to appear in the video. This has its own pros and cons but particularly if you are very busy this could be the clincher for you.

Animated videos do however require a lot of planning before any animating can take place. During this pre-production stage we work closely with the company’s marketing department and illustrators/graphic designers to ensure the quality and narrative is of the highest standard.

2D Animated Video Example – FootFall

Type of video: 2D Animated video
Brief: To produce a bespoke, modern, stylish animation to help explain what features are included in FootFall’s analytical software. The video was displayed on their stand at NRF 2015 in New York. All the colours involved needed to match their brand guidelines and the graphical elements needed to be bespoke.
Pre-production: Concept development | Brief graphic design agency | Media assets research
Services: Animation | Illustration development with graphic design agency | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 4 weeks
Price Band: £3,500+
If you’re interested in having one or a series of animated videos produced or would like to explore it further Will and Andy would be more than happy to discuss the various options with you over the phone or over a coffee, contact us today.