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Client testimonial videos

Whether you’re selling direct to customers or business to business, video testimonials and case study videos are the perfect way to raise the client’s confidence level and secure that sale. Like us you no doubt have asked clients for written testimonials extolling your virtues for the world to see. You might even be organised enough to get them to leave you a facebook Like or Google+ review, something that is really helpful these days.

These are all great but they don’t carry the same weight as a video testimonial. Unlike written reviews, video testimonials aren’t faceless paragraphs of text. They are engaging and dynamic and capture real people talking about real situations something that real clients really connect with.

They are also a lot better at explaining the uses and context of your service. Perhaps you helped solve a particularly difficult problem for them or filled a gap in their work processes. The situation and it’s resolution can be clearly and concisely explained in a video not just through a talking head but with footage and graphics to help. And as an added bonus they can be pretty quick and cheap to produce too!

Testimonial videos for private healthcare

We’ve been working with Brighton Implant Clinic for a number of years producing a range of promotional video content. They really see the value in asking just some of their many satisfied patients to speak on camera about their experiences and what the dental practice has done to improve their way of life.

Type of video:  Customer testimonial video
Brief: To interview Helen Kimber about her treatment at BIC
Pre-production: N/A
Services: Filming | Video editing | Logo animation
Approximate Project Time: 1 week
Price Band: £750+If you’re interest in having a customer review or testimonial video produced for your website then please get in touch with Echo Video.