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Timelapse Video Production

Timelapse videos are a fantastic way to portray the flow of movement and can add visual impact to many types of corporate and promotional videos. Timelapse is simply a way of compressing a movement or set of actions that may be hours, weeks, months or years long, down to a matter of seconds or minutes. Some popular examples of this could be a tropical sunset used in a promotional video, the building of a skyscraper that takes a few years or sped up traffic with trailing lights that creatively illustrates the growth of a business or data being moved from one location to another.

Short Term Timelapse Video

Short term timelapse usually covers a shoot that lasts a matter of hours, days or a couple of weeks. For these jobs we use a selection of DSLR cameras and in some cases a GoPro. A camera operator will generally stay with the camera for the duration of the job so this also allows for different angles to be captured as our systems are lightweight and portable.

Long Term Timelapse Video

Long term timelapse installations are great for projects that run over months or even years. These projects require the camera or cameras to be fully installed so a certain amount of organisation is required. Our long term cameras operate on the 3G/4G network so there is no need for an onsite internet connection, all we require is somewhere to mount the camera and a power supply. The advantage of using this system is that we can monitor the camera and make tweaks to the system remotely. This remote access also allows us to pull the captured images off our cloud storage so we can produce timelapse videos for you without the need to visit the site.

Site Monitoring

Because our cameras are connected to the internet via a 3G or 4G sim card we are able to offer clients an online app that allows you and your stakeholders to log in and monitor the progress of the build. The user interface shows you the latest three images the camera has captured and also two sequence videos, one shows the last 24 hours and other shows the last 30 days. This is a fantastic because it keeps everyone involved fully up to date reduces the number of costly site visits.

Spice it up a bit…

Timelapse video can be fantastic in their simplest form but there are ways to spice them up further. Motion control systems allow for multiple directions of movement within one shot, as well as the subject moving the camera can move across three planes, tilt, pan and a horizontal slide. This can produce some truly incredible shots and pushes the production to the next level.

If you would like further details about timelapse and to find out how it could enhance your project please contact Will or Andy at Echo Video.