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Training Videos

Good quality training videos save time and resources

If you’re considering “how to” for your staff, good quality training videos are a fast and efficient way to get your staff up to speed. The great thing about using training videos is that they allow the recipients to learn and interact at their own pace. And, they’re also easy to roll out and measure.

Training videos can also prove to be incredibly helpful for your customers too. They can save you time and money and are fast becoming an essential part of any after sales service. They often act as a first port of call for anyone who is troubleshooting or looking to resolve an issue. That’s why you need to ensure that your videos are as simple and clear to follow as possible.

Training videos from Echo can take whatever tone or style you require and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that they provide a rich and engaging learning experience. We’ll also advise and guide you on a suitable mix of sight, sound and motion to ensure that your end users’ new skills can be put into practice in the most effective way.

Kennedy Hygiene – Online Training Video

Type of video: Customer training video
Brief: To produce a clear, easy to understand and short training video for one Kennedy Hygiene’s products.
Pre-production: N/A
Services: Filming | Video editing | Motion graphics
Approximate Project Time: 1 week
Price Band: £1,000+In some cases, you may find that an animated video is the best solution to your training needs. If you’re keen to learn more and find out how training videos from Echo Video could help your business, please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.