Our favourite live concert DVDs

After our top music video blog I thought I would follow it up with our favourite live concert DVDs as this is something we offer and get a lot of enjoyment from. These concert videos are in no particular order and are quite varied in style.

Queen Live at Wembley 1986

This is one of the most famous live concerts and from a techie point of view the intro is fantastic. It tells a great story about the scale of the whole production once Queen start playing there is no way you can press the stop button until it ends (hence why the video above is the full concert). The one thing that stands out for me is the timelapse in the introduction, clients love timelapse and we have done it countless times for them and it’s a great example of how digital technologies have allowed these production techniques to be used at an affordable price.

Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth

I can’t admit to being a huge Robbie fan but you can’t deny that he is a great performer. This is the biggest music event in British history as Robbie Williams performed to 375,000 people over three days. It was directed by Hamish Hamilton who has recently directed live shows for Neil Diamond, the MTV Music Awards and Christina Aguilera. It is very entertaining with great a light show, camera work, editing and obviously Robbie Williams doing his thing.

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

One of the all time greats, need I say more!

Roger Waters & David Gilmour – Comfortably Numb, Live, O2 Arena 2011

I thought it would be good to show you this video as we have just seen Pink Floyd. The video wall in this is a brilliant modern representation of  ‘The Wall’.

Muse – Live From a Seaside Rendezvous

Muse never disappoint with their music or live shows. I am particularly fond of this live concert because it’s Muse performing back in their home town of Teignmouth and not too far away from my home town of Kingsbridge.

Greenday – Bullet In A Bible – Hitchin’ A Ride

This is in my opinion one of the best Live DVDs of the last decade. Greenday produce fantastic music and know how to put on a great show. It was directed by Samuel Bayer who has done a brilliant job in capturing the rawness and energy of Greenday on film by using a whole host of filming and editing techniques.

My Chemical Romance – Cancer Live in Mexico

Keeping on the Rock/Punk theme I have included this video for its simplicity, the camera shots from the crowd work so well and the out of focus phones and lights in the crowd also look great. My Chemical Romance are a very lively and energetic band but it’s great to see a live show with such as contrast at times.

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