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Adventure Sport Brand Videos

The adventure sports arena covers a pretty wide segment of businesses, but whether you design and manufacture world cup winning mountain bikes or run the X Games adventure sport brand videos can be used very effectively within your marketing plan. In this blog I’m going to look at some of the main video types that could help you reach more customers and cement your brand as one of the leaders.

Product Videos

These are fairly self explanatory and hugely important within the context of a video marketing scheme. They are the most clear and engaging type of marketing to explain how a product works and why it is the best at what it does. There are lots of different things that can be done with these from 2D and 3D animations to video footage of the product working in its environment. When products are designed and manufactured to help an individual enjoy an activity video marketing really is the best option as it is the only format that enables excitement, emotion and wonder to be illustrated at once.

The video below by Marin bikes is an interesting take on the product video because it doesn’t go into a huge amount of detail about the product, instead it shows you a pro rider riding it over some huge jumps which in itself tells you all you need to know.

Service Videos

These are similar to product videos but these enable you to really ramp up some excitement around the service you offer. These are great for flotilla sailing holidays, group ski holidays and group dive holidays to name just a few. These videos help to show a potential customer sitting at home what they are missing out on. Within these, videos testimonials from past guests can be included, some short sound bites from your staff and lots of action footage showing exactly what goes on on one of these adventure holidays. All this adds up to a video that advertises fun, excitement, friendship and adventure with stunning backdrops.

The video below is a promo video for Neilson Holidays, it’s a great overview of every activity they offer.

Aspirational films

Aspirational films are the most involved of all the videos I’m going to discuss in this blog. They would be slightly longer too and focus on a personality from a particular sport doing the sport using your equipment. These have the potential to be very interesting and insightful and if you’re clever with them they can make your brand very recognisable. So that the viewer is able to connect with your brand through this type of video the personality at the centre of it needs to have the same values and ethos as your company and be well known within the area your company operates. The aim of these videos is to make the viewer think that if I buy some products from that particular company I can be like the personality in the video. As I said before, if you get this right it can be a very powerful marketing tool.

This video is about an up and coming MTB rider called Finn Iles. He chats about his goals, his love for riding and his training, the video is also shot nicely and includes some BTS shots of the equipment they used to film it. The video is for Specialized Bikes who are one of the largest manufacturers of mountain bikes. Even though this video doesn’t actively advertise Specialized it helps their brand recognition and makes the viewer think they could ride that like if they own a Specialized bike.

Sporting Event Videos

Various videos can be produced to help bolster and support sporting events. They are a great way to document your event and they enable a wider audience to watch the event as it takes place. An event video could make an event very attractive to sponsors, especially if it was a live broadcast as it instantly puts their brand in front of a potentially huge audience. They also act as a historical piece for future fans of the sport.

Secondly you could look at producing athlete spotlight videos to help increase the excitement and media coverage in the run up to an event and finally you could produced a promotional video that can act as a great sales tool for next years event.

I couldn’t write a blog about this subject without including an X Games video. X Games is the biggest competition for extreme sports athletes and they certainly know how to put on a show!

Trade shows and exhibitions

A highlight video for a trade show or exhibition can be a great marketing tool for future events as it can show prospective customers what to expect. There are many different tool we can use to achieve different styles and looks, so they can vary hugely in format.

I hope this quick run down has been helpful, so if you want to bolster your brand and create an online buzz around your next event please give Will or Andy a call on 01273 911345 or email them to discuss it.

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