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BCS Case Study – Creating loads of marketing content

We’re always looking for ways to give you, our clients more value for your money. We know that having a video produced can be an expensive outlay so we want to help you make the most of it. An opportunity recently arose to do just that for one of our clients BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. They had asked us along to film at the Cyber Security Summit 2014 in Westminster and we saw it as a great opportunity to produce a range of interesting content that would really help with their marketing.


The main reason for us to be at the event was to cover an hour long round table discussion. We filmed the talk with 3 cameras and produced an hour long video for BCS for them to host on their website for anyone who may not have been able to attend.
In addition, we also produced a shorter 25 minute cut that focused on some key areas of debate.


In this age of instant information and short attention spans, asking anyone to sit and watch an hour long video online is rather a stretch. Therefore, upon our advice, BCS asked us to cut up the video into 6 bitesize clips all around 3 minutes long. These are a great way to introduce certain topics and can then lead into the full length video if the viewer is interested.

Highlights reel

Before and after the talk we had time to shoot the on going exhibition (along with some lovely exteriors) in order to put together a highlights reel of the day’s event. This helps promote BCS as a company involved with major events such as this and raises their profile.

Vox pops

We took the opportunity of being at an event like this to get some short interviews with attendees. These showed the broad range of people and companies at the event and covered some really important issues.


Along with our crew we employed a photographer who took some great photos of the event in progress. The photos were perfect for BCS to use in their social media, on their website and could even be used in any printed media they wish to produce.

But that’s not all?

So there we have it, from one event our client ended up with 9 videos and a load of photos that they can use in a multitude of ways across a whole range of different media outlets. There are even more things they could have done though – we could have produced a podcast from the talk or had the entire thing transcribed and made available as a pdf on their website.

There are so many ways to create amazing marketing content for your company we would love an opportunity to talk to you about how we can work together. For more information on our services please get in touch with Andy or Will on 01273 911345.

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