Case Studies

Brand Awareness Video

Max Strength Gym

Brief: A bespoke brand awareness video for a weight training gym that captures the energy and passion that goes into this elite training environment.

Services: Concept development | Filming | Video editing | Motion graphics
Approximate Project Time:  4 weeks
Price Band: £2,000+


Online promotional videos are one of our main services here at Echo Video so we were excited to be asked to produce one for Max Strength Gym in Worthing. They wanted an energetic and creative video that highlighted their main activities and showed the broad range of people who attend their group training classes. They wanted particular focus on their HIIT classes, sports training and one-on-one coaching sessions. As with all of our projects, before the project began we spent some time with the client, visiting the gym and understanding the image they wanted to get across. The gym itself is a classic, old fashioned gym without any bells and whistles instead focused on hard, intensive works outs for people who are looking to get fit and in some cases compete in weight lifting events. Our clients were keen that we shouldn’t try to make the video look like something it isn’t so the  final video we produced retained the raw energy and feel of the place.

The video was shot in one day and we had arranged for different people to be on site during the day in order for us to film the different activities. This obviously takes quite a lot of organisation but that’s necessary to produce great results. In order to give the video the high energy feel, the majority of the film was shot hand held to give a sense of movement. We also used a GoPro Hero Camera for a couple of shots which gave us angles that traditional cameras couldn’t have achieved. In the edit we played around with a number of techniques to add pace and action. These included jump cuts and time remapping. The final video was also given quite a strong colour grade to make it appear grainy before adding on the motion graphs. These graphics were used to highlight the key messages that the gym wanted to get across and were tied into their branding.

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