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Case Study – 1st Central | Snack Test Dummies

Snack Test Dummies – A PR video for car insurance company 1st Central

For many businesses that sell to the general public in competitive marketplaces PR can be an incredibly powerful tool when trying to do battle with your competitors. Our client 1st Central wanted to produce a series of videos that helped parents keep their cars nice and clean by offering them a series of tips. For this to work the video needed to be picked up by main stream media, have a creative and amusing angle that made it shareable and be backed up by a car valeting & detailing expert.

The production team (Eulogy PR, Create Studios, Echo Video and 1st Central) decided upon a kid making a horrendous mess in the back seat of a typical family car. To furtheråÊaccentuated the mess-making we opted to film this section at 400fps so we could slow the footage down 16x. This created a great montage and with the use of time-remapping it helps keep the viewer enthralled and less likely to click away before the end of the video.

Tom Puttick was our valeting expert and he shared some great tips for cleaning up the mess made by things like; ice cream, hummus, chocolate and milk. And to make it even more relevant to the parent at home he only used items commonly found around the home, such as baby wipes, a hoover and household cleaning spray.

We ended up producing 8 videos in total and below are the main ones. The full length video was more or less a mirror image of the storyboards and runs for about 2mins30secs, this was to be used on 1st Centrals YouTube channel as the run-time could be slightly longer.

1st Central PR video – Full length Edit

We then produced a 90 second version that could be picked up by main stream media. This had to be short, have a catchy intro to entice the viewer to watch more and include the 5 top tips at the end so it was a complete package. To date (12/08/2016) it has been picked up by the Mirror Online with 153 shares and the Mail Online with 289 shares in 48 hours.

1st Central PR video – Life Hacks Media Edit

Finally we produced a 30 second version for 1st Central’s social media channel. This was a montage of slow-motion footage and an introduction by Tom. It finishing with the hash tag #SnackTestDummies so it could be easily searched. We then exported each of the 5 tips as separate videos so that the hash tag could be used and it gave 1st Central video content that could be released over time.

1st Central PR video – Social Media Edit

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