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Case Study: Brightwell Dispensers

Corporate Video and Training Video Production

Brightwell first contacted Echo in the summer of 2011. They were looking to produce a large volume of videos covering their extensive range of products. It wasn’t until we sat down with them that we realised just how extensive this was. They produce 7 main products ranging from simple hand operated soap dispensers to state of the art automatic laundry dispensers. Within these 7 categories there are countless variables and alternatives and each one would need a video. In addition to this, Brightwell, being an international company needed to make the videos available to non-English speaking customers meaning each video has been or will be translated into at least 4 other languages.

The main reason that they contacted us was because they were looking to help improve their after sale customer service. With such a large range of products, their clients would encounter many different scenarios when using them and Brightwell were spending hundreds of man hours dealing with each enquiry. The simple instruction videos were intended to help explain complicated procedures to end users:
In addition to these videos, Brightwell also saw video as an opportunity to help market their products differently and so we started producing promotional videos for each of their main products. These videos were used to put across the main selling points of each product and simply explain some of the key components. The videos were intended for a dual purpose, to be used online and also to be used at the worlds largest hygiene expo, ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam where Brightwell were exhibiting and had incorporated 5 LCD screens to display their videos:

The final category of video was the corporate video. This all encompassing video is to be used as an overview of the company, showcasing all they have to offer from design to manufacturing and quality control:

Brightwell Dispensers are a fantastic example of a company who have realised what a useful tool video can be. Whether it’s for marketing, demonstration or communication of any kind, they have explored the possibilities that it can have within their company. We look forward to working with Brightwell for years to come; as they continue to produce new fantastic products we hope to be producing fantastic videos to accompany them.

“After a year of working with Echo Video, our relation has grown from briefing and occasional filming to a constant flow communication. Andy and Will have become so involved with our projects and our corporate culture that we barely need to explain the purpose of the next video – that’s an achievement, considering the technical complexity of our products! The quality of the work they deliver is recognised not only throughout our company, but also by all our customers and business partners around the world. They have definitely integrated into our marketing team, participate into creative, professional work with us and always deliver on time, even with tight deadlines. I would recommend them without thinking twice.”
Suzanne Gardent, International Marketing Executive, Brightwell Dispensers Ltd

For more information on Brightwell head over to www.brightwell.co.uk.

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