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Advertising Association

Brief: To produce a highlights videos of the Lead 2019 event, run by the Advertising Association. The video must clearly illustrate the key topics and show the quality and number of speakers involved.

Services: Pre-production | Event Filming | Live Event Streaming | Gimbal Operation | Timelapse | Video editing | Music
Approximate Project Time: 3 weeks
Price Band: £3,000+


The advertising association approached us to produce a highlights video of their yearly industry event, Lead 2019 which was held in London. This sees advertising and politics come together to discuss current trends, issues and how the industry can develop over the coming year.

In order to produce a dynamic and interesting video we had our work cut out as the schedule was packed with a number of key speakers, round table discussions and networking. First off we had to capture a multi-camera shoot of all the talks so we had our pick of the best content to use in the edit. In addition to this, we had a last minute request to live stream the presentations via the Advertising Association’s YouTube channel. This was due to the inclement weather that had forced some delegates to miss the event.

As well as filming the main stage, it was important to capture some creative and varied shots to add visual interest and give viewers a flavour of the event.  For this we took our gimbal setup along with our Panasonic GH5s to capture smooth movement that could be incorporated into these shots. In the breaks between talks we filmed a number of vox-pops with speakers and delegates. These are great to capture if possible as they help tell the full story and they put across a personal view which helps portray trust and credibility.

Lastly we also shot a number of timelapse sequences of crowds arriving and moving between rooms as these are not only visually stunning but also illustrate footfall and the passage of time very well.

During post-production we start by trawling through the hours of presentation footage to find just a few of the best clips that we can use to start forming the narrative structure. In an event like this with so many good speakers and subjects to cover this can be quite a difficult task! However, once these clips are settled on they act as the foundations for the video and told the story of the key themes the event focused on. It’s then a case of picking out the best, and most succinct, clips from the short interviews. These really help tell the story from the delegates point-of-view and emphasise points made by the talks. This is incredibly important because the viewers can see and hear that the event was worth the visit.

The final piece of the puzzle is to add in the extra footage such as the gimbal shots and timelapse. These help add flavour to the video and allow us to cut seamlessly between the different speakers and interviews. To finish off the video we added a piece of music and graphics ensuring that everything tied in perfectly with the branding guidelines provided by the client.

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