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eCommerce video production

For any online store and eCommerce site, video production can play a vital role in securing sales and helping to promote products. A video can be a great asset on a website at the point of sale but can also be used on social media channels such as YouTube and facebook to create a following.

Product videos

Product videos on eCommerce sites are the perfect way to show off a product to a potential client. It’s far more dynamic than static text and images and can give a far better idea of what the product is like in real life.
Video content however doesn’t just have to be about the product but can include hints and tips, advice, reviews – really anything that is connected to your industry and can help create an online following.

eCommerce video production for an online jewellery store

In the case of Karma Se7en, they are looking to create a large amount of content over the next year to increase their online presence, enhance their social media following and ultimately increase sales. We‰Ûªve started off by producing a series of product promotional videos looking in depth at a number of the different jewellery ranges they have for sale. Each video focuses on a different range, the styles, designs and materials used in each one and who the jewellery might be suited for. As an added extra we have also helped them set-up their YouTube channel and are working with Karma Se7en to optimise their videos to secure views and subscribers.

Type of video: Product range promotional videos
Brief: Production of 10 product videos for eCommerce site and social media
Pre-production: Concept development | Location scouting | Script writing | Casting
Services: Filming | Editing | Graphics | Royalty free music | YouTube channel optimisation
Approximate Project Time: 4 weeks
Price Band: £5,000+
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