Estate Agent Videos

In the past few years when I’ve been house hunting in Brighton I’m always surprised by how few estate agents use video production in their marketing. From my perspective I believe that this is an industry that would really benefit from using videos in a number of different ways either to provide information to clients or to help attract vendors and landlords. Therefore I thought I would highlight just a few ideas in which estate agents could use video production.

Estate agent videos

I guess it makes sense to start with the most obvious one – a promotional video for an estate agent is a great way to establish a brand. It can highlight what makes your agency different to all the rest and start to create brand recognition so when people see your shop front or for sale signs they recognise and trust you. It could also allow you to get some of your staff front and centre of the video so when people call up or drop in to have a chat they are met with a familiar face.

Property videos

These will be some of the simplest videos you could have produced as all they need to involve is a video tour of a property for sale or let. Instead of static photos or odd virtual tours, video can really let people look round a house without moving from their computer/smart phone. Quick, cheap and easy to produce these will immediately add another tool for marketing houses and are ideal for out of town buyers.

Information videos

Brighton attracts a great many buyers from outside of the city. People from London or even further afield who are looking to live by the sea. Without intimate knowledge of the town these people might not know exactly where in Brighton might suit them. Therefore a set of informational videos that briefly summarise the positive aspects of each area in a city could be an incredibly useful resource. In a short 2 minute tour of the area you could highlight local schools, pubs, parks, shops, transport links – anything that could help someone decide whether or not it’s the right place for them to live.

Resource videos

Many estate agents already provide information for vendors, buyers and landlords and this information could translate really well into great video content. A video guide to buying a property, going through the whole process and explaining the jargon could be a priceless resource for a first time buyer and who better to deliver that information than the experts.

Quarterly/Annual review videos

With the ever shifting landscape of the housing market, a quarterly review video could create fascinating and insightful content. These videos would be cheap and quick to produce and could cover subjects such as property prices, featured properties for sale, mortgage rates etc.

No doubt there are many other possible videos that we could produce for estate agents that I haven’t covered here or haven’t even thought of. This short list just goes to show how much opportunity there is for a forward thinking estate agent to embrace video production and get ahead of their competition. If you would like to discuss how Echo Video could produce videos for your estate agency or you have any ideas you’d like to share with us then please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email