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Frank Turner Live @ BIMM Bristol

FT01In May 2014 we were lucky to enough to be asked by one of our long standing clients BIMM to film a masterclass by Frank Turner at their Bristol campus. Now, considering I’m a huge Frank Turner fan it didn’t take long to reply to the email and say yes! It’s fantastic when we are asked to film events like this because we are doing what we love and at the same time listening to and meeting some very interesting and gifted people.


The brief was to arrive in Bristol with three cameras and film the masterclass in one of BIMM’s live rooms. The live room was a great space and very intimate for a Q&A and possible live acoustic performance. The event kicked off with Frank being interviewed by one of BIMM’s tutors and several questions were asked by the students. Frank seemed to really enjoy answering the questions from the students and he took great delight in explaining how he has got to where he is today, his thoughts on the music industry and of course playing some of his songs.

A couple of highlights for me included –

  • When Frank was explaining the process of writing ‘I Am Disappeared’ off his album ‘England Keep My Bones’. It was a great insight in to how he pieces songs together and where he gets his ideas from.
  • How an artist who plays live shows is also an entertainer. He believes (along with myself and many others no doubt) that when you go to a show you want to be entertained by songs from a range of the artists albums not just a run through of their latest album that no one really knows. Also that you don’t want to watch someone who looks miserable and isn’t really feeling it on stage, after all some concerts can be very expensive these days.

I’ve seen Frank perform 5 times with The Sleeping Souls and once when he headed up Million Dead and they have all been brilliant gigs due to the energy, passion and the way he leads you through his entire back catalogue. Seeing him perform a few songs in such an intimate venue was spectacular, so without further a do, here are those songs –

A brilliant cover of a song called ‘Heart of The Continent’ by John K. Samson.

The Way I tend To Be


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