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Integrating video into an e-learning portal

There’s no denying it – Video is a powerful tool – it’s absolutely amazing at getting a message across which is why it’s so effective in online marketing and advertising. It’s the ideal way information across as it retains people’s attention in ways that text and images don’t. In a previous blog I wrote about how video is an ideal replacement for instruction manuals and FAQs as it shows instead of tells and in the same way it can be used in education.

e-learning is becoming more and more popular with many video production companies now specialising in just producing e-learning videos. Echo Video have worked on a number of e-learning productions – most recently for Excel in Exams – a company that specialise in helping prepare students to face their exams. Unlike other tutoring programmes that might deal specifically with different subjects like Maths, Science or English, Excel in Exams focus on the overall preparation that will help students succeed. Their materials cover areas such as essay planning, creating the right environment to study, dealing with stress and numerous other issues that arise as students revise.

Along with downloadable documents and interactive activities, the e-learning site also offers a huge array of video content that Echo Video have been producing over the last year or so. Each video deals with one subject in particular and normally lasts around 5 minutes. These are meant to be bite sized bits of information that users can watch and take on board before starting on the next activity.

Although the videos are quite simple in terms of the way they are made – they are often just a talking head or a demonstration on a white board – it’s the content here that is most important. The information that is being delivered could be just as easily be shown as text in black and white but video offers something that text and video can’t – face to face communication. The person in the video is speaking directly to the user offering advice and guidance in a far more personal way.

What’s great about Excel in Exams is that video isn’t a separate part of what they’re doing – it’s absolutely integral and from the moment that Miranda Banks came up with the idea for the e-learning website she knew that it was vital to include it:

www.excelinexams.com is aimed at students sitting exams, teachers as well as parents supporting those students. Given that, I needed to make the website as dynamic and engaging as possible to a breadth of ages but primarily to 14-19 year olds who tend to be far more engaged with video than with text or a static picture. I already use videos to teach students a range of strategies to help them prepare effectively for exams. The feedback from doing this, rather than simply expecting students to read about it, has been overwhelmingly positive. With the new look website, we have increased our use of video so that the entire homepage has a video as its backdrop. It means that viewers eyes are immediately engaged into the site and with the content. These pages are going live for the US shortly and then the current UK pages are going to receive the same treatment after this academic year. I feel confident, given the positive feedback to date, that this will increase viewer engagement and reduce bounce rate…”

If you would like more information on how your company can use video please get in touch with Echo Video.

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