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Kitchen and bathroom videos

Kitchen and bathroom design and installation is big business and there are hundreds of companies offering hundreds of different products and services. With so many options out there it can be hard to choose who to go to for which is why some of these companies could be using video as a tool to make the decision process a little bit easier. A well presented, information filled video could help a wavering customer to pick up the phone and call you to design and fit their new kitchen. But what kind of video should you have made? Let’s have a look at your options.

Manufacturing process video

When it comes to high value products, customers want to know that when they’re spending big bucks they’re getting great quality. That’s why a video that demonstrates the time, expertise and quality materials that go into your products could be a really powerful marketing tool. There’s a real interest these days in hand made items and luxury products and a video that shows that off can only be a good thing.

Products & styles video

With so many products, styles and designs out there, picking which one to go for can be overwhelming for many people, that’s where videos can prove to be a great resource. Short, interesting videos showing off different products whilst highlighting their positive (and negative) attributes can really help speed up the decision process by effectively creating an online showroom for people to visit. Here’s a short highlights reel with a selection of footage from some of the kitchen videos that we’ve produced over the years.

Design & installation videos

From initial drawings to CAD designs and fitting the final door handle, this video would take viewers through the entire process of having a bespoke kitchen designed and installed. It could include 3D animation, interviews, as well as before and after shots. Something like this would be a great help for people so they know what to expect when they make the big decision to get a new kitchen or bathroom fitted.

Case study video

We’ve spoken at length about why case study videos can be so effective and I can’t think of a better subject matter than home improvement. A video that shows the full process of having a kitchen or bathroom designed and fitted and seeing how a house is transformed within a few minutes could be a very powerful marketing tool indeed.

Testimonial videos

Another subject we’ve covered in depth is testimonial videos. Unlike a case study video, multiple testimonials give a larger view of how the company has performed as a whole with different people and different scenarios. It also has the added benefit in this case of being able to film a number of completed projects that would highlight just how many installations have been completed and how satisfied all your customers are.

If you have an idea for a film to help promote your product or would like to discuss any of the videos I’ve mentioned above please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.

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