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Outsourced Video Production BIMM Case Study

Over the last few years we have been privileged enough to work with some amazing and very interesting clients producing a wide range of work along the way. åÊYet none of our clients consistently challenge us as much as BIMM. For those of you who don’t know, BIMM are a UK based music college with campuses in Bristol, Manchester, Brighton, Dublin, Birmingham, London and now one in Berlin. We’ve been working with them on and off for a couple of years producing promotional material and covering music events but our relationship progressed recently to the point where they asked us to take on all of their video work for the 4 English colleges and some in Berlin. With us both being massive music fans we were incredibly excited to be involved so closely with such a great institution. In addition, this new arrangement, whereby we would become their outsourced video production department, has really stretched our organisational and video production skills. I thought I would share a quick overview of the work Echo Video have produced for them this term.

Live Music

Obviously with BIMM being a music college there are a lot of live performances and we at Echo have loved the opportunity to travel round the country filming some of the best young talent that BIMM are producing. Every gig was a major operation in oganisation. We had to liaise with each college and venue to arrange the filming, organise local crew to act as camera operators and arrange for the audio from the entire gig to be recorded and mixed.
We took five cameras along to film every gig, editing a number of them and producing a highlights reel that included GVs and vox pops with a few of the students.

Will with Frank TurnerLive Events filming – Masterclasses

Every term BIMM arrange for a number of special guests to visit their campuses and partake in Masterclasses with the students. This not only allows the students a chance to meet their heroes but also get an insight into the industry that they are training to work in. This term was no exception and we were on hand to film artists like Graham Coxon, Frank Turner and Chuck D. These are always fascinating events to film and are often a real treat for us as we get to film musicians who we admire and respect. åÊFor each masterclass we produce a multi-cam shoot with a highlights reel and vox pops with the students who give their reaction to what they’ve just seen.

Music Week RADAR event

The RADAR event is a great showcase of young, up and coming talent so naturally BIMM are involved. At each event, one band from either BIMM or Tech Music School get to perform a set in front of specially invited guests from the music industry. Echo Video went up to film the event at Under the Bridge, a fantastic live music venue at Chelsea FC. Unlike other videos we’ve produced for BIMM this was a single camera shoot with the aim to capture the essence of the day including the set up, sound check, atmosphere, interviews with staff and finally a bit of live performance from the band. We will be producing a number of similar videos to this one throughout the year at different events, including the 2000Trees festival, as they are great promotional material and really highlight the amazing opportunities that students get from studying with BIMM.

We’ve really enjoyed working alongside everyone at BIMM this term and are looking forward to the start of the next school year.

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