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Promotional & instructional video production for sales teams

Video is one of the most useful, engaging and clear forms of advertising media that a company can use in these ever changing times. Imagine how helpful a tablet packed full of rich video content could be during a meeting with a potential customer either at the their office or in a coffee shop. In this blog I am going to briefly cover 4 points about how video can help your sales team.

Point 1 – If you sell a product or service which is tricky to explain then a video or animation could be what you need. As video is a moving visual media it can help the viewer understand the product or service because they can see it working.

Point 2 – If you sell very technical products a video could help by using interviews and demonstrations by more than one person. Imagine taking a tablet to a meeting which contains videos of all your managers explaining very technical features to the potential customer.

Point 3 – Once the customer has decided that they like you and what your offering wouldn’t it be great to show them what your other customers think of you? These are customer testimonials and can be anything from 30 seconds to a 10 minute case study. Video testimonials are a fantastic way to show satisfied customers as we relate to other humans better than we do to text.

Point 4 – Once you have sold a product or service and one of your customers needs help with something, video could be your best option. The days of long phone calls trying to explain technical details could be a thing of the past, with a library of online videos you could simply email your customer a link and they could then follow the actions saving you and them time.

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