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Promotional product video

Echo Video are often asked to produce promotional product videos as they are the ideal way to highlight the unique selling points to potential customers. A promotional product video is a great tool to have whether it’s for an e-commerce site or a high street retailer and it gives us an opportunity to be really creative and introduce a completely unique video.

Promotional Product Video Example – Menkind

Menkind commissioned us at Echo Video to produce a short, snappy point of sale video to help increase sales for one of their newest products, the Wall Climbing car. The video was to be used in an in-store display so it needed to be informative and eye-catching to grab the attention of passers-by. As the video would be played in a noisy store we could not use audio to get the USPs across so instead we relied on bright, colourful motion graphics that were integrated into the video. In addition, as well as the video being used in-store it was used on the Menkind website and was promoted through their social media channels. The reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive with our client estimating that it helped increase sales by 500%.

Type of video: Promotional product video for POS & online
Brief: To produce a short and clear video showing how the product can drive up walls and on the ceiling.
Pre-production: Concept development | Location scouting
Services: Filming | Video editing | Motion graphics | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band:

Menkind stock a huge range of gadgets so check out their website here www.menkind.co.uk.

If you have a product or service and would like Echo Video to produce a promotional video for you then please get in touch with Will or Andy.

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