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Social media promotional video – Culture Collector

In recent years there’s been a real increase in the number of small, artisan companies producing bespoke products and a promotional video is a great way to help these companies stand out from the crowd. Many of these businesses sell through Etsy or Not on the high street and exclusively use social media channels to promote their wares. This is where video can become a great tool for small enterprises. Not only can social media promotional videos from Echo Video show off your product at it’s very best and demonstrate all the hard work that goes into making it, but that video can then be edited in a number of different ways to create a digital marketing tool that can be used across the social media platforms to reach thousands of potential customers.

Arts and crafts promotional video

Culture Collector are a small company that make frames to archive those special items in peoples lives that have sentimental value – whether that’s a vinyl record, a book, comic or even a cassette. Echo Video were asked to produce one video for the Culture Collector website and a number of different versions to be used on facebook, instagram and Twitter. Each version of the video needed to portray the same story of how simple it was to send your beloved item to Culture Collector and how they would then hand make a frame, mount the item and then send you the finished product.

Type of video: Online promotional video
Brief: Production of a short, engaging video to be used on the company’s social media and website detailing the art and craft that goes in to making one of their bespoke frames.
Pre-production: Concept development | Storyboarding
Services: Filming | Video editing | Sound design | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band:£2,000+If you’re interested in a promotional video for your company and would like to discuss what Echo Video can do for you then get in touch with Will or Andy.

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