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Spa and wellness promotional videos

We’ve produced a number of spa videos as well as videos for wellness centres and physical therapists in Brighton with each one designed to capture the unique quality of the different environment. Spa and wellness promotional videos vary from customer testimonials, talking heads with members of staff, in depth looks at specific treatments or, as in the case below, promotional videos that encompass the lot. Spas are fantastic places with almost every one boasting a different set of available treatments as well as a unique atmosphere. The reason that someone picks one spa over another could be down to a number of personal reasons – they might offer a certain treatment they like, or maybe they get on really well with the staff, perhaps they simply love the feel of the place when they walk in. Whatever the reason it can be quite difficult to get it across to other people using conventional marketing techniques such as print media, photos and even websites. Video, on the other hand, is the ideal tool to use. It can reflect the style and ambience of a spa in a way that nothing else can.

Uniquely Organic EcoSpa Promotional Video

We were asked to produce a video for the EcoSpa in Brighton & Hove that would feature on their website and in the storefront to attract passers-by. They were keen to hear from some of their many satisfied customers who could talk about how much they have benefitted from some of the treatments available at the spa. It also served to introduce potential customers to some of the staff that work there so when they entered to spa for the first time there would be a recognisable face and they would feel comfortable.

Type of video: Promotional Online spa video
Brief: To produce a short promotional video that promotes the various treatments the spa offers and and reflects the ambience found in the spa.
Pre-production: Script writing | concept development
Services: Filming | Video editing | Logo animation | Colour grading | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band: £2,000+

“Thank you so much for our video, I know I will really treasure this forever. Echo Video were very professional and we were all super impressed.” Kirsty Kianifard, Founder, Uniquely Organic EcoSpaWhy not treat yourself to one of their wonderful relaxing treatments. Check out their website for more information and if you’re interested in having a promotional video produced for your spa or health centre then get in touch with Echo Video.

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