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Superyacht and sailing videos

The Power of Video

Whether you are selling a new model of yacht, selling your naval design service or selling charters on some of the biggest yachts in the world the best way for you to sell these would be to get the buyer onboard for a test or to meet you and your design team. Most of the time however this isn’t feasible due to time restraints, geographic restraints or money. This is where the power of a finely crafted video could be your saving grace.

Superyacht and Sailing Videos are the best form of marketing

When selling a lifestyle choice you will be hard pushed to find a better medium than video. This is because the buyer wants to know what that lifestyle will be like before handing over a large sum of hard earned cash. It can only do this if the video has been crafted in such a way that the viewer becomes fully immersed in what’s on the screen, this means not making it too long and repetitive, keeping the pace and mood in sync with one another and ensuring the production values match that of the product.

A Strong Narrative Is Key

A video from Echo will always be lead by a strong narrative as we believe this is where the real substance lies and everyone enjoys and remembers a story. As an example, if you are trying to sell an expedition yacht or a charter such as GRACE E or NORTHERN STAR the video needs to show the yacht in its prime environment, what activities can be done with it and what luxuries can the buyer expect to have. Northern Star is designed with an ice-grade hull so why not show it in the Arctic, with a family onboard watching whales, you can see the immense enjoyment on their faces and then the pace of the video can change when they are in port to show the lavish luxuries on offer. This example would be an epic and maybe not the most practical but I hope it demonstrates what we believe these videos should strive to be.

Professional Grade Tools

As well as a strong narrative we employ the use of many high end production tools to match the high end nature of superyachts, these could include helicopters, drones, motion control systems and hand-held gimbals. When these techniques are used well and in conjunction with a strong story you have a killer combination.

Video example

As I’m sure you can tell, I am very passionate about this subject and get excited about the endless possibilities available here. Recently I was lucky enough to be invited down to Portsmouth to meet Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Suhaili. Here is a short and simple video we produced in a few hours about Suhaili’s restoration.


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