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The rise of free video content

Let’s face it, the internet is awesome. I spend an awful lot of my day either on the internet or preparing stuff to be uploaded to the internet. 95% of the content we create ends up there at some point and probably 95% of the things I learn everyday comes from the internet. The other 5% has been told to me by someone who learnt it online. It’s an incredible resource that we rely on for entertainment, learning and social interaction often without even thinking about it. When it comes to dinner and I need to find a recipe I go online and can pick from thousands. If I want to watch a film I can access reviews, trailers, cast interviews, video blogs, all from the internet. And then I can buy the film online and stream it to my PS4.

Something that we’re seeing more and more of is online video tutorials. These range from paid services such as guitar lessons to completely free video content such as Delia Smith’s range of cookery classes and learning to play the ukulele along withåÊyour favourite kids books characters (a very specific example I know but it allows me to seque into this tutorial video we produced for Liz Pichon’s “Tom Gates” series’ of books.

What makes these videos so popular is that you’re showing someone how to do something whilst explaining it to them. When my girlfriend learnt to crochet she went online and found a video tutorial that took her through the process step by step. She found it far simpler to follow than reading the instructions and before you know it we have a massive crocheted blanket taking up half the living room.

It is these types of videos that we are trying to persuade more and more of our clients to adopt. By creating a series of tutorial or training videos you are positioning yourself as an expert in that particular field. Not only that but your clients will see it as another service that you offer and it offersåÊyour paying customers a little bit of added value. A series of videos on YouTube or Vimeo will also greatly enhance your web presence and help with SEO.

We recently completed a series of videos for one of our clients totalling over 10 hours of content. Some will be given away for free whilst the rest will be accessed via a paid subscription to his online resource site. The videos are fairly simple with the client discussing ideas and theories backed up with some real world examples and demonstrations.

All these examples and videos just act as a form of indirect marketing. You’re telling potential customers what you do, making it clear you’re an expert and suggesting that if they are in need of your products or services then they should get in touch.

We think it’s a great idea and if we ever get time we might work on a few ourselves.

If you’re interested in video tutorials or any of our other services please get in touch.

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