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Video production for luxury brands

Luxury brands as you might expect have been at the forefront of video advertising for quite some time but the explosion of online video in recent years has given them a new playground to explore and run wild in. When TV advertising was the staple of these retail giants they were limited to a 30 second spot which is quite restricting. Now that video sharing, social media and online video advertising are much more mainstream TV has almost become a bit of a dinosaur and is falling behind.

In this blog I’m going to look at two main areas and include some example to help illustrate how powerful these types of video production for luxury brands can be.

The Aspirational Cinematic Film

Alfred Dunhill – Man at Sea

Now that time is no longer a restraint, more and more luxury brands have started to produce aspirational cinematic style films full of rich content that capture and amaze the viewer. Alfred Dunhill produced a series of films called ‘Portraits of Achievement’ and one of those films featured Iain Percy OBE and was centred around his passion for sailing. The film was an advert for Alfred Dunhill but done in such a way you don’t realise your watching an advert. The purpose of this series was to portray Alfred Dunhill’s aims and beliefs by using personalities that match them. Iain Percy OBE is a man who has excelled in his field with grace and humility so this makes his story a perfect match with Alfred Dunhill.

BMW The Hire Series – Star

BMW were the front runners in this area because the film below was released in 2001. They produced a series of driving based action films using big Hollywood names including directors John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai and Guy Ritchie and starred Clive Owen alongside guest appearances from the likes of Madonna. BMW saw their sales go up by 12% the year after they were released and they were so popular (11 millions views in 4 months) that BMW decided to produce a DVD with all 8 films on to give away in their dealerships.

The Craftsmanship Film

Another popular production type luxury brands like to take is the craftsmanship film. These are beautifully shot films that use macro photography to really examine the processes that are involved in the production of the item. They also tend to include an interview or voice-over by the craftsman, this adds the human element and helps to cement the brands passion for their products.
Luxury brands are producing this type of video to help add value to their products and to set themselves apart from the mass produced alternatives.

Smythson – British handcrafted leather goods

Smythson produce a range of luxury leather goods for both men and women. The film below demonstrates the use of macro photography well and gives you an insight into the many processes and skills required to produce some of their leather products.

Rolls Royce – The Prince and the Coachline Painter

This example focuses on the incredible skills required to be a coachline painter. The interview with the craftsman is a great way to add value to the process because he explains how difficult it is to and how there are not many suitably qualified people to undertake such a task.

Leica Cameras – The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?

This video came out a couple of years ago and is amongst my absolute favourites and is arguably a forerunner to Nick Offerman’s now infamous Lagvulin video. Running at 45 minutes it shows a close up of someone hand polishing a Leica T camera. And that’s it. Brilliant in it’s simplicity.

I hope this blog has been of interest and I’m sure you can see how powerful video marketing can be when the time is taken to get it right and there is passion behind it. The same qualities that are in fact behind all of the products featured in this blog.

If you have an idea for a film to help promote your product please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.


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