Production tips web streaming

Web Streaming Setup for Live Events

Here at Echo Video we are a full service video production company. What that means in practice is that whatever …

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Production tips

Music for Corporate Videos – How we choose the right track

Choosing the right music for corporate videos is incredibly important for any project. Music has the ability to add feeling, …

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Drone Laws UK – Drone Safety, Regulations and Rules UK

Drone filming is a core part of the video production industry in this day and age and they are a …

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Video Marketing social media video ads

Video Ads – A Guide to Facebook & YouTube Video Adverts

In this blog we are going to look at Facebook video ads and YouTube videos ads and why they are …

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Case Studies

Property Videos for Estate Agents

Echo Video’s guide to what videos estate agents can use to grow their business; from promo videos to property walkthrough videos and area information videos.

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Video Marketing live video streaming

The Importance of Live Video Streaming for Brands

Over the last few years brands have really taken to live video streaming, and now see it as a main …

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Video Marketing what is media buying

What is Media Buying for TV Commercials?

Media buying is the process of buying TVRs (television ratings) that have the most advantageous spaces and time-slots for your …

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Customer Success Story Examples & Template

What is a customer success story video? A customer success story is a key part of any video marketing campaign …

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Video Marketing product animation video

Top 10 Awesome Product Animation Videos

If you have a product that you want to sell then product animation videos should be an avenue that you …

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FAQs drtv-vs-brtv

BRTV Vs DRTV Vs Brand TV Commercials

TV commercials offer a great opportunity to sell directly to a captive audience and grow your brand awareness. But can …

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Resources bts-barrym-tvcommercial

How to Create a TV Commercial | Make a TV Commercial Video

When it comes to producing TV commercials, although similar to other videos, there are far more intricacies that must not be overlooked in order to produce a successful TV advert.

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Case Studies wfa-pr-filming

Case Study – Western Front Association PR video

With 2018 marking 100 years since the end of World War 1, the have been a number of events commemorating …

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