What can Echo Video do for me?

Echo can produce a high quality video which will be an invaluable marketing tool for your business. It can be put onto a fully authored DVD or blu-ray, uploaded to the internet or broadcast on TV.

Why should I choose Echo Video?

If you choose Echo you can be sure of several things. We are extremely passionate about video production, we have a large amount of experience in producing various video types and we have a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of video production. In addition we always endeavour to work closely with our clients and ensure they know what is happening at every stage of production.

How much will a video cost?

Every video is different therefore cost varies from project to project. When pricing a new project Echo take into account: pre- production time; the length of the production; the output format(s); the equipment used; music needs; voiceover; studio or location requirements and the complexity of the edit. We can usually find a price to fit any budget so contact us now for a quote.

Why is it worth having a video produced?

Instead of spending thousands of pounds a year on advertising in magazines and newspapers and hundreds of hours on mail outs and cold calling why not have a video produced that can engage and excite potential clients, have a DVD/blu-ray produced that would raise the quality of your image in your core markets and reach audiences all over the world via the internet all for a relatively low price.

Why is internet video so popular now?

The internet has given businesses a massive stage to advertise their products or services on, people from all over the world can access sites such as YouTube or facebook, which are free to place videos on. These sites can also be used to keep clients up to date with all the latest news and updates. In addition each page on a social networking or video sharing site can have a back link to your website which will help raise the profile of your website in search engines.

Why should I have my video shot in High Definition?

High definition is recommended because the image quality is far superior to standard definition, even once the HD footage is compressed it still produces better results than standard definition. YouTube now supports high definition video and if you are wanting to use Blu-ray in the future then high definition is essential.

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