Digital Marketing & Video: When to use it, What to avoid?

The average website visitor will give you 15 seconds to convince them it’s worth their time to stay on your website. The average person looking at a leaflet will read the title, the first couple of sentences, and a couple of words from the bottom, to see if its worth their time to read it all, the same with email. The average viewer of a video will continue watching for 2 minutes. “Wow, 2 minutes, that’s pretty good, let’s just make videos” STOP. This mistake has been made before. Video is a great Marketing format, but it also has to be the right format for what you want to deliver. To answer this you have to consider both what you’re delivering, and what you want to achieve from it.

When is Video the right format?

If you have a lot of information that you need to convey to your audience, then video is a great tool to use. If you were to write a blog about the same topic, it would most likely be too long, too complicated, and would lose the attention of your audience before you get started. With video, you can convey a lot of information, in a short period of time and if done appropriately, you can also keep your audience entertained in the process.
But don’t forget, this is a trade. In return for their time they’re looking for value, like any piece of good Content Marketing. Don’t take this to mean that you have to drown them with knowledge in the first minute. Portraying the idea of company culture has the right to 30 seconds of anyone’s time. It’s an old concept that a customer is simply buying a product…. they are buying into an idea, a culture, so let them know what they’re getting.

Side Note:
Whilst high unemployment rates spam our news feeds on a regular basis, large skill gaps are a silent killer to a lot of organisations. Company culture is now playing a bigger and bigger role in the decision making process of prospective employees. So get out there and show them what you’re about. Now let’s go back to Video format and Digital Marketing…..

Pitfalls to your ROI

There are a variety of benefits of the use of video, one which is getting additional focus is Search Engine Optimization. The first thing you want to do once you have a video, is to get it seen by everyone, why wouldn’t you? And the first thing that comes to mind is to splash it out all over the internet, using sites like Youtube and Vimeo. But, getting it seen by everyone comes at a cost to your referring links. In an example from the MozCon event in 2013 by Phil Nottingham, after publishing a video, the video creator and host received links linking back to their site from 214 domains. But, the same video posted on Vimeo got 517 domains linking back to it. This doesn’t mean to say that you should never host your videos on these websites, its just suggesting that at the beginning of your videos life, let the primary host be your site, and then release it at a later date.
So, we’ve covered the appropriate use of videos for your Marketing strategy, and ended with pitfalls to avoid but we didn’t cover everything. And because of this, the question “What role does Video play in Digital Marketing” has been opened to everyone on the forum inbound.org, (A site for Marketers to discuss & share what’s trending in the Marketing world). After only a couple of days, the question has been answered by a handful of trained marketers from different industries around the world. Want to hear what they had to say, then follow the link.

About the Author

Harry is an aspiring Marketing Professional, with previous experience in both the Health & Care and Job Search Engine software industries, operating on a B2B basis. Blogging regularly, he covers a variety of Marketing specific topics, providing insight and tools for the modern day Marketer. All of which are available via his LinkedIn Page.

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