Don’t Do It Yourself. Why You Need a Video Production Company

Now here’s the thing. You’re on our website. No doubt you’ve had a good old root through our work and you’ve found our blog. You’re probably doing one of two things: either you’re seriously thinking about using our services, having heard good things about us OR you’ve found us via Google because you’ve realised that you need us.

Alternatively, of course, you could just be a bit bored and thought that you’d surf the web looking for random Brighton-based companies. If so, well…

What we mean to say is, you’re likely to be on our site for a reason, which is great. Hello, by the way. We’re Echo Video based in Brighton. While we have your undivided attention, we thought that you may appreciate having your current website destination of choice re-iterated. So, why should you spend your hard-earned marketing budget on having a video professionally produced? Loads of reasons, but here are just a few:

It’s all About Image.

Are you a professional and are you any good at what you do? No, not really? OK, then it’s a good idea to get your mate to shoot your video for you as it won’t be up to much and the medium will portray the image. In fact, the medium WILL BE the message. Oh, sorry, we got your answer wrong. You are really good, aren’t you? I think you know where we’re going here.

Yes, It Is Worth the Money

You’re running a workshop or a training course and you’d like to record it for your colleagues. What do you do? A good quality video, by which we mean one without a permanent hum or buzz on the soundtrack (we’ve seen lots of these), one that’s well planned, filmed and with appropriate lighting is likely to prove a better investment than setting up a video camera on a tripod, pressing “record” and running back into shot. That one dimensional person with the echo on their voice is not really going to engage the viewer, at least not enough anyway.

Also, a video production company will edit your video, enhancing it in all sorts of magic ways to produce and deliver the final product to a very high standard.

A Video Production Company Will Add Value

With some advance collaboration, your videographers will plan and sketch out what you need in advance, they’ll know what is likely to work best, where to shoot and will devise a “story” for you. We’ve worked for several years within this sector and we have a good eye for detail. We know video.

It’s All About Marketing

So, you’re promoting a new product or service. What’s the best way to get your message out there? We would say this, of course, but video is “officially” huge. Videos are a great way to engage a website visitor, as if you’ve invested in a video production company, their remit will be to create a product to appeal directly to your target market.

However, human beings have the attention span of a gnat, especially the web user (sorry, this is you, too). If your video isn’t sleek or well made you’ll curse the day that Google invented that pesky Analytics thing: it shows you how many people bounce away from your website and how quickly they do it. Believe us, it’s not pretty.

Ready to reap some excellent return on your investment with us here at Echo Video? Give Andy or Will a call on 01273 911 345.

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