How do Echo Video price up their video productions?

When we’re not out and about filming or hard at work editing we tend to spend most of our time putting quotes together (and writing blogs). Now I’m not going to sit here and write a blog about writing blogs so I thought I could briefly summarise the way that we price up each job at Echo Video. We like to think that we are a competitive production company that is fairly priced and we always try to fit in with the budget that a client has available, but still each quote starts with a basic framework of costs. Below I’ve outlined the key video production costs that we have to consider when putting a quote together for a client.


Man-power or personnel if you will, always tend to be some of the highest outlays in any business and video production is no different. You’re paying for the skill and expertise so clearly this is not a place you want to skimp on. Different projects will require different crew members but generally on an Echo Video shoot you will always find a director, a camera operator and a sound operator. After that it’s just a case of adding what we feel we will need on a specific shoot, an multi-camera shoot will require extra camera operators, we might need make up artists or runners, all of these roles might be required on a project and the more you need, the more it costs.


The majority of quotes that we send out include a standard fee for our in house equipment. This comprises of an HD camera, tripod, slider, jib, lights and sound equipment. This set-up will give us great looking results for single camera corporate and promotional videos. However, as with crew members we may need additional equipment depending on the requirements of the shoot. This could be extra cameras and lights or it could be more specialist gear such as a drone, Movi or Steadicam.


A lot of our clients have locations available for us to film in. If not then we might need to scout and hire a suitable location. Studio shoots can be a great alternative. Studios with white or black backgrounds are relatively inexpensive and even a green screen shoot doesn’t tend to be break the bank. In some cases you might need a set and these do tend to cost more but are often more practical if you need to film in a normally inaccessible setting such as a hospital.


This should be fairly self-explanatory but if your video requires actors, presenters or models then we will quote for these accordingly. This category tends to be the most broad ranging in terms of price as it can go from a beginner just starting out to a celebrity appearance or endorsement.


Once filming is completed then it’s back to our office to edit all the footage. Generally we work by the rule that for every day of filming we need two days of editing. This includes importing the footage, a 1st, 2nd and final cut, simple titles or graphics and exporting the video ready for use.

Motion Graphics/Animation

Sometimes clients want different ways to get their messages across. We can put costs together to produce great looking motion graphics and animations that can enhance the video and highlight certain messages or demonstrate processes.


Often an afterthought, the sound of a video is an essential aspect of a production and one that Echo Video take very seriously. As mentioned, we will normally have a dedicated sound operator on a shoot but there are other audio options to consider. In some cases we may need to hire a specialist to mix the final audio for a video or create a soundscape. Other costs can include background music, sound effects and whether a voice over is required.

DVD/Blu-ray authoring

Part of the post-production process is exporting the video. This will generally result in Echo Video providing you with a file to upload to your website or YouTube. However, some clients need to display their video on a screen or at an event in which case it might be necessary to factor in DVD or Blu-ray authoring costs.

All of these different aspects of video production go towards making up a project and this should give you an idea of where your money goes when hiring a video production company.
If you would like more details or would like Echo Video to put together a quote for your next project then please give us a call on 01273 911345.

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