How do I drive traffic to my website by using online video?

Recently a few of our clients have asked ‘how do I drive traffic to my website shortly after a viewer has viewed my video?’ Below I have listed 5 options that can help with this.

On screen graphics

Once your video has been filmed and it’s being edited various titles and overlays can be added. These can include a range of information such as website addresses, email, phone number etc. The one issue with this option is that it relies on the viewer to remember the address or jot it down. With this in mind it could be worth setting up a specific landing page with a really short and simple URL specific to the video.

Links in the description

Websites such as YouTube and Vimeo allow users to write descriptions about videos that appear under the videos and these can include links to any webpages. So if your video is talking about a specific service or product why not include a link to the relevant page. To take it one step further you could even include a line in the script that tells the viewer to look in the description.


Once a video has been uploaded to YouTube you can set up annotations and links to appear over the video ‰ÛÒ these can work well as the viewer doesn’t have to go looking for them. The only slight limitation is that you can only link to your associated website in YouTube. However, if your website runs on WordPress there is a great plugin that allows you to create short URLs that YouTube will accept as the associated web address, allowing you to link to as many pages from your website as you like.åÊAs I mentioned in the previous point you could include a call to action in the video script to make it easier for the viewer to find.

QR Codes

You could set up some QR codes which can be include in the video during the editing process so anyone with the app on their smart phone could be taken straight to the page you want them to look at. The other advantage of QR codes is that they can be used across all your other marketing material. Again you could include a call to action in the video script telling the viewer what to do and when to do it.

Call to action

I expect you have seen this final point in many TV adverts, using a search term as a call to action. This would heavily depend on your SEO or the ability to come up with a very unique term but you tell the viewer to search for a specific term in a search engine so that the right page appears at the top of a Google organic search.

I hope these have helped show you that video can be an excellent tool in driving traffic to your website and if you would like more information on this please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Echo Video on 01273 911345.

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