Six reasons why it’s worth investing in a professionally produced video

If you run your own business, who are your competitors? Are you aware of their market share and their pricing structure? We think that everyone should have some basic knowledge of the competition as it keeps us all on our toes. Sometimes, it’s even good to buddy up with your competitors. It makes them seem less scary and you could even end up as work associates.

Anyway, we digress. This may sound a strange thing to say but Echo Video’s competitors are mainly…well…you lot, actually. You and your mobile phone, your video recorder or your camera with the video function on it. Given the sheer numbers of videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, you may as well do-it-yourself as it’s free, you can save lots of money and it will look half decent, right?

Professionally produced video

Well no, not really. You can always tell, you know, when the video equivalent of a selfie gets launched to an unsuspecting public. The sound, lighting, the lack of graphics, the non-existent editing, it all shows. A blunt assessment could be that your potential clients are subliminally judging you as a professional cheapskate, rather than admiring your sound financial acumen for not having your video made by the experts. So, here are six reasons why it’s worth investing in a professionally produced video

It portrays you as the professional that you are

Obvious, but worth mentioning. A sleek video makes you look and sound good; it starts to sketch an early outline of you, your services and products. It may be subtle, but this “I’m rather good, actually” message reaches people before they’ve even contacted you.

It appeals to your potential clients

At Echo Video, we’re a key part of your marketing so we know how best to prepare for, shoot and edit a video that speaks clearly to your demographic. Whether you’re an accountant, a loom band manufacturing business (no, we’re not quite sure what they’re for either), or a web designer, we’re highly experienced in creating magical, diverse talking pictures that your future customers will love.

It will get shared

If it’s good, people will want other like-minded individuals to watch it, too. If it’s not that good, they won’t – it’s as simple as that. This means that with a cracking, groovy video, your message is “out there” and you didn’t even have to do it yourself. Marvellous.

You’ll get advice on stuff

Yes, work with Echo Video and we’ll advise you on the content, the lighting, the location, what to wear, the length of the video – anything you need. We’ll aim to impart our specialist knowledge on all sorts of important things that you may not have considered. Getting it right first time with the people who’ve made plenty of videos already is a good look.

It can make an impact

Time-lapse photography, special effects, beautiful graphics, judicious editing: beyond the reach and capacity of the average mobile phone, video camera and almost certainly outside the skills set of the people that use them. We don’t do flat, or dull. This almost goes without saying but we’ve said it anyway.

You’ll get great value for money

Our clients don’t just pay for us to pitch up and point our cameras at random stuff. Their investment and trust in us relies on good quality pre-production planning, efficient post-production processes and work flows, as well as the delivery and launch of the final product. We could do this a bit slap-dash, we could spend less time making sure that your video is perfect and I suppose we could pay a little less attention to detail…but we’d rather not. We’d
rather do it properly.

Don’t you agree?

We are Andy and Will from Echo Video. We’re film makers in Brighton, Sussex and London. If you’d like to talk to us about a great video for your website, social media or for whatever medium you like, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01273 911 345.

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