The Importance of Storytelling in a Video

Think back to the last movie that you saw. Now remember the last really great movie. More likely than not, it had a fabulous plot. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. Consider “Gone with the Wind” or, more recently “The King’s Speech”, both fabulously structured films. You really wanted to keep watching to find out what happens next. While we figure out just why films are just so flippin’ looooong these days (nope, no idea), given our relatively short attention spans, engagement in any sort of film needs a strong narrative, in other words a really good story.

It’s the same with videos. Our best customers work with us to maximise the impact of a short piece, often no more than 90 seconds long. They want their target market to keep watching.

Storytelling is an essential part of our culture, our childhood and our “reward” experience. A good story through the medium of video makes people watch, listen, learn and share. It speaks to your audience, motivating them to action. So, it’s well worth considering this approach when talking to us about how best to support your marketing.

Here are five good reasons to tell a story in your video

Stories are Experiences

Our ability to relate to other people, what they’ve gone through and our pleasure in their success is, we think, a Good Thing. At the risk of sounding soppy, creating a story-based experience within your video will create an impression of your services or products that sits deep in your audience’s hearts, as well as their heads.

Information Can be Dull

And then some. Show, don’t tell. If you want to impart facts and figures to your audience it needs to have meaning; you must consider the “so what?” factor at all times. Weaving a story around facts, with highs and lows to keep people’s interest is key. Presenting data that can be interpreted meaningfully at an emotional level will resonate with your audience.

An Emotional Connection

For a business video? Well, yes. Feelings are what make us human: trust, empathy, confidence, for example. Even strong negative emotions can evoke a response, as long as you have the solution to a problem. Make sure that your “story” resolves your future customer’s issue and you’re winning.

Stories Get Shared

Yes, it’s that old social media-going viral thing again. We share stories all the time, they get re-told and enhanced. A good story is more likely to get your message out there and if your video is well enough edited to impart your message succinctly, it will be shared at the click of a button.

People Believe Stories

Not that you’d lie, of course, but resistance to your story is likely to be substantially lower than a message simply exhorting people to “buy buy buy”. Most of us don’t appreciate being sold to but the compulsion to find out what happens next, is an effective, subtle marketing tool.


OK, so here’s the nub. Videos with a strong narrative work really well but all this storytelling is easier said than done. This is no time to be over-modest. Don’t make your own video – it won’t work. Ask those nice chaps at Echo Video (that’ll be us then) to tell your story for you. We can support you as much or as little as you like with some good guidance and advice. It’s easy if you know how.

And they lived happily ever after. The End. Goodnight, children everywhere. Etc.

Andy and Will from Echo Video tell stories for their clients, so if you want your story to be told drop them an email or call them on 01273 911 345.

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