Video Producer Q&A – Will Beare

When and why did you decide that you wanted to create marketing videos?

The great thing about producing marketing videos is the diversity of subjects available and the freedom that the internet allows. It is also great to help businesses grow and improve their sales by using something so creative.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love gadgets and technology so my favourite part of the job is being able to use all the latest technologies to help bring a story to life on screen. We are also very lucky to have a huge range of clients which is allows me to meet all sorts of people and learn about things that I would probably never know anything about.

Did you ever think you would own your own company?

Growing up the thought of owning my own company never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until the final year of university that Andy and I started having serious conversations about starting Echo and realising that we had nothing to lose and should just go for it.

Has the video industry lived up to expectation?

It’s a fantastic industry to be part of, especially down here in Brighton. I’ve met a lot of like minded people who are now good friends and there is always an opportunity to co-produce with someone or help them out.

What has been your career highlight to date?

I think my career highlight to date is simply the fact that Echo is now a thriving and expanding business and supports mine and Andy’s young families.

Have you got a burning ambition to work for a particular company or sector and why?

My aspiration is to work with the marine and super yacht industries. I love almost anything to do with the sea and am a keen sailor, so with my video production knowledge and skills it seems like a perfect fit. I also find the attention to detail and technology inspiring so it would be great to tell stories based around those points.

What part of the production process do you enjoy most?

My main interests are cinematography and editing. Cinematography is the art of the moving image and I love you can use light and different tools to help enhance a story. I also love the editing stages of a production because this is where the story comes to life and it gives you the opportunity to play around with different ideas and skill-sets.

What’s it like working and living in Brighton?

I guess I should admit that I no longer live in Brighton (rubbish I know!) but it is a great place to work. There are a lot of like minded people in the city and a huge amount of production companies and freelancers which I think pushes people to try and do something different. And not forgetting the small things like going for a walk along the beach during a lunch break.

What do you see as being the next big step forward in the video production industry?

There are a lot of exciting developments in video marketing such as virtual reality, 4K and more e-learning platforms than ever before, but the thing that I’m most looking forward to is seeing how the internet will continue to evolve and how that will impact video marketing campaigns that run across all the major social media channels.

To round things off, what are your top five films (in no particular order)?

1 – The Dark Knight

2 – The Bourne Ultimatum

3 – Jarhead

4 – The Conversation (1974)

5 – The Hurt Locker


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