What if I don’t want to appear in my corporate video?

In a recent blog I discussed the advantages of appearing in your own corporate or promotional video. I also tried to outline how we work with our clients to make them feel as comfortable as possible on camera so we can get great performances from them.
However, some people simply do not want to appear on film. There could be a number of reasons behind this such as the amount of time they would need to set aside to film it or it could be that they just don‰Ûªt want to. Whatever the reason might be, don‰Ûªt panic, there are a number of alternatives that we can explore that will still result in you getting a great video.


More and more of our clients are picking to have animated videos produced. They are especially popular when trying to explain a product or service in an interesting way. The possibilities for creativity are endless and whether it‰Ûªs a 2D or 3D animation you can produce something wholly unique that you might not have been otherwise able to do if it was a live action video.

Motion Graphics

The whole point of you appearing in your video is so you can tell the world how great your product or service is. But if you would rather not do that then we could rely on getting your key messages across with the use of motion text and graphics. These can look great and are especially effective if the video is going to be used in an environment where the audio can‰Ûªt be heard.

Actors, Presenters & Models

In some cases you really need to have people in the video but you might not be willing to do it yourself. In these cases we can employ actors, models or presenters to do the job for you. This will obviously prove to be more expensive and can also be more time consuming as you will need to spend time casting the people to ensure that they have the right look and are up to the job. However, this will take the pressure of you to perform and means you can pick who will be the face of your company.

Voice overs

Similarly to motion graphics, a voice over can replace the role of a talking head and is generally far cheaper than employing actors or presenters. The disadvantage is that it‰Ûªs just a disembodied voice that viewers will have less connection to. Instead it puts more emphasis on the shots of the product or service that are being shown on screen. This is also a great option if you are considering changing the language of your video at any point for an international market.

Hopefully these few points have given you idea of the options available to you when thinking about having a corporate or promotional video produced. If you have any questions on the subject or want to discuss any ideas you might have then please contact Will or Andy on 01273 911345.

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