What is involved with post-production?

Post-production is what we spend most of our time doing and it‰Ûªs what a lot of your budget will be spent on. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to quickly cover everything that‰Ûªs involved in it.
Post-production is a word that basically covers everything that happens after the filming of a project. All the final tweaks and changes that turn your video from raw footage into a masterpiece that will capture and engage an enraptured audience.


The first stage of the post-production process is editing where we cut and slice, trim and move and generally put together the backbone of the final video. Clips will be arranged in an order that makes narrative sense and we‰Ûªll find the best version or take of a shot that took ages to get right. Once it‰Ûªs in a semblance of order we‰Ûªll let you take a first look at what we normally call a rough cut. This will then be refined over time with feedback from you until it arrives at the final cut.


Not always necessary but a lot of videos are enhanced with the use of music. This can range from royalty free tracks, to rights managed tracks and specially composed pieces of music. We work with you to find the right track that will set the mood for the video at a price you can afford.


Graphics and titles are often needed to add information that isn‰Ûªt portrayed by the video alone. A lower third will identify an interviewee with their name and title cards can include a web address and contact details.
We always make sure that your video is branded the same way as your website and other marketing materials – after all it‰Ûªs part of your company‰Ûªs identity. Therefore we use the same colours, logos and fonts in all the graphics and titles.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to add an extra bit of sparkle to your production. They could take the form of an animated logo introduction or popping in some titles in an interesting way.

Colour correction

During production you might spot us holding up a white piece of paper in front of the camera before filming, this is to set the white balance. As long as this is done then all the colours in your video should match. If they don‰Ûªt then we may need to slightly adjust the colours so your video looks seemless.

Colour grading

Slightly different from colour correction, grading is when we decide to give your video a certain hue or tone. Do you want it to be dark and menacing? If so we could desaturate the colours and add more blue. Bright and cheerful videos might have more contrast and yellows added to them.


The final step in post-production is when we have to take the video out of the editing software and create a file for you to use. Depending on where the video is going we might create an MP4, WMV or an Mpeg2 for DVD.

Wrapping up

Hopefully this short guide has been of some use and given you an overview of the different steps we go through after we‰Ûªve filmed your video. If you would like more information on this or any of our other services then please get in touch with Echo Video on 01273 911345.

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