What video camera is right for my project?

When it comes to having a video produced there are many things to think about especially when deciding which company to go for. In this blog I’m going to go through the pros and cons of the most popular camera choices so you have a head start when choosing a company to work with.


These have been very popular recently with many production companies using them because they’re inexpensive, lightweight and can be used in loads of different ways. The corporate video sector took to these cameras like fish to water because they produce a lovely filmic look which took the corporate video from something that was fairly bland to something much more creative and eye catching.

Digital Cinema Cameras

These are similar to DSLRs as they use the same sensors but they have all the additional ‘video camera’ functions added which make them much more usable in the field. These include industry standard audio inputs so you no longer need an external recorder and monitoring functions to ensure exposure and focus are as precise as possible.

Red Epic, Sony F5/55 & the Arri Alexa

These are fantastic cameras and the results speak for themselves but they can be over kill for many projects they are used in. If your production company is looking to use either of these cameras it’s important to understand why as it could add a hefty premium to your bill.

Video cameras

These are the original cameras and still used today mainly for live events and electronic news gathering (ENG). These are the most straight forward to use, certainly when talking about the sub å£7000 cameras as they are easier to focus and have more automatic features but the footage lacks character and can look bland.

Action cameras

These are great as they are very small and can be mounted in places that conventional cameras can’t. Generally these would be used alongside one of the cameras above and a skilled editor would be required to match the footage in the editing process.

You decide

The main thing to remember is what do you want from your video. Do you want it shown online, on TV or at the cinema? What kind of content do you want? Will you need lots of post-production work? And what about sound? There are so many questions that will affect what camera your project needs but by using a professional production company that you trust you will be guided to making the right decision that suits your project and budget.

I hope this brief overview has been of help and if you would like to learn more about video cameras and how they can affect your production please get in touch with either Will or Andy on 01273 911345 or drop us an email.

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