Where on my website should I put my video?

‘Where on my website should I put my video?’ is a very common and important question that we get asked. The answer to this all depends on what type of video you have had produced as it’s important that the video matches the page’s content and that you don’t just have a list of videos on one page.

To make this slightly easier I’m going to use the four main video types rather than the whole roster, these are –

  • Company overview videos
  • Product Promotional videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Meet the team videos

So lets get cracking…first off where should I put a Company Overview video?

Company overview videos

A company overview video is best suited for the homepage of your website because if it’s been produced well it should be succinct in it’s messaging and cover who you are, what you do and why you are the best at it. The video should be embedded on the page, not just a link and be wrapped with supporting text so that search engines have the best chance at indexing the page.

Product Promotional videos

Product or service promotional videos should appear on the specific page for that product. This makes it much easier for the viewer as they can find all the information they require in one place and it also keeps the amount of clicks to a minimum. Once again the video should be backed up by text and downloadable media such as PDFs so that search engines have a range of code types to read.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials could be placed on one of two pages, firstly they could be on the same page as a product video if the testimonials are about that particular product or service or they could be placed on a testimonial page if you have a series of them.

Meet the team videos

A meet the team video is best suited to the about us page as there it can go alongside more information about each of the directors and/or employees. If however you are a lawyer or accountant or another profession where trust is imperative it may be worth placing this video on the home page so the viewer can instantly get a feeling about you.

This all seems extremely simple but sometimes the simple stuff is the most important so take a look at your website and see if your videos are in their prime location and backed up with text. Very briefly, once you have the videos on your website there are a whole host of video streaming sites which could be extremely handy to help raise awareness of your products or services.

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