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Let’s meet Brighton College:

Brief – ‘Independent School of the Decade’ – a video to bring that accolade to life.

Brighton College is an award-winning independent school situated on the South Coast. We have a long-standing relationship with the school, working as an extension of their marketing department to help capture the dynamic and vibrant student life that the school offers.

What they needed

A new video to promote Lower School – a dedicated school for years seven and eight, situated in Brighton College. The video needed to promote academic strengths, its unique offering, the family-feel, and the stand-out facilities on offer.

How we approached this project

Brighton College is a prestigious school with stunning architecture and a modern approach to learning and community engagement. We knew it would be easy to capture rich, eye-catching shots of the school to draw people in, but we needed to be creative if we were to put across the students’ zest for life, the staff’s passion, and the kindness you enjoy if you visit the school.

Visiting the school was key if we were to stand a chance of telling a story that Brighton College could be proud of. With a jam-packed calendar of activities, events, sporting matches, and lessons, we arranged multiple visits to ensure that we could capture a wide range of footage showing school life.

With extensive experience working with the education sector, we knew we needed to capture the students and staff that make Lower School what it is. Though this isn’t always easy, especially if this is the first-time people are being interviewed on camera. We knew we needed it to be relaxed and natural for interviewees to share their true feelings and personalities in an authentic way. We created relaxed environments working with staff and students over multiple shoots to ensure that their responses were natural and engaging. With no scripts, we engineered questions that prompted genuine responses and we used an EyeDirect to get them looking straight at the camera which creates an engaging and direct final cut. The EyeDirect uses a combination of a mirror and a beam splitter to guarantee eye contact with any interview subject. The subject sees the interviewer’s face while actually looking directly into the camera’s lens. It was perfect for this shoot.

Cutting those shots with gorgeous drone footage of the school’s coastal location, and close-ups of drumming, science experiments, laughter and movement ensured a dynamic, vibrant, promotional film that captures the effervescence of the school.

Project Time:

4 weeks

Price Band:



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