Services: Storyboarding | Filming | Timelapse | Hyperlapse | Editing | Music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band: £3,500+

Surge Group needed a promotional video for their website and fast. We had about two weeks from the time they first contacted us to turn around the video in order for it to be ready to launch alongside their new website. They wanted to use this video as a way to help recruit new employees instead of having to rely on expensive agencies to do the job for them. Luckily we were able to accommodate them and they were extremely pleased with the results. We were given creative freedom to produce a video that we thought would do the job and had great fun doing it.  The video went down so well that they asked us to provide them with some of the key shots to be used in the background of their new home page!

This short, punchy video is designed to grab people’s attention and get them excited about the prospect of a career at Surge. The wanted to feature footage of their office as well as the city of Brighton where they are based. We wanted to get away from the traditional “postcard” shots of Brighton so tried to find angles and ideas that would give a different perspective. Using a variety of techniques including timelapse, hyperlapse, slow motion and gimbal filming we put together this visually engaging video that captures the best of Brighton where Surge are based and includes footage of their newly refurbished offices.

You can check out the video featured on their website at