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Brief: Production of a construction company video for Woodmans Construction. The video is targeted at building long term relationships with architects by promoting the unique selling points of Woodmans.

In an industry such as construction and building, it is very easy for companies to rely on old fashioned forms of marketing. Methods that have proved successful in years gone by. However, as more and more people and businesses rely on video and online marketing to find suppliers it’s important that the construction industry updates it’s marketing strategy to mirror this trend. That’s what Woodmans Construction were looking to do with a promotional video from Echo Video. This construction company video, will be used online as well as in face-to-face meetings, but most importantly is aimed at attracting new architects to partner with them and bring them on board to new projects.

Woodmans construct and renovate beautiful houses but the emphasis for this video wasn’t so much on the finished product. Although these stunning houses always look very impressive when completed, Woodmans really wanted to get across the fact that they are a construction company that is your partner in the build and they are with you every step of the way. They’re not just looking to make a quick profit, their reputation is built on high quality workmanship and attention to detail. These are some of the aspects they wanted to portray in this promotional video.

Through a series of meetings and site visits we agreed an approach to this video with Woodmans. They were keen that the video portrays their key points without relying on interviews or voice over. Instead we wanted to tell their story by relying on strong visual cues and using limited on screen text to back this up. As the video is targeted at a specific, educated audience this definitely allowed us to show more than tell.

The video was shot over three days at 4 locations around Sussex. These locations were picked for their variety in style and also to show different stages of the construction process. From early ground works to final, finishing touches. The first day was a drone shoot using a DJI Inspire 2. Using a drone on a construction site is an ideal way to show the scale and scope of the construction. It also allows you to see the footprint of a building which emphasises the change from the original building compared to the extension. It also just gives you some stunning vistas!

The rest of the shoot was on the ground using a combination of a tripod, slider and a 3-axis gimbal. This allowed us to introduce movement into almost every shot adding a sense of dynamism and activity. We grabbed a great variety of shots, taking the viewer through almost every aspect of the construction process. As well as focusing on the key skills that Woodmans bring to each project we also wanted to see some of the people that they employ. This was to get across that Woodmans offer a full in-house team who are specialists in what they do.

The finishing touch was to bring all this great looking footage together in the edit. We were keen to keep the length of the video down. Generally, with a promotional video production we don’t really want to go much longer than 90 seconds. However, with the target audience in mind being at least some way through the marketing funnel, we allowed ourselves a bit more time in order to include all the key messages. As the final step we designed some motion graphics and found a piece of music to pull the whole thing together.

Project Time:

4 weeks

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