Services: Planning | Storyboards | Aerial Filming | Gimbal Filming | Video editing | Motion graphics | Music
Approximate Project Time: 8 weeks
Price Band: £5,000+

Inhabit Agency approached us with a brief to produce a corporate company video for one of their long standing clients. They wanted the video to flow and for it to have some subtle graphical elements that help to highlight their different services. This gave us an opportunity to come up with an idea that utilised a camera gimbal. Gimbals allow us to capture dynamic shots by incorporating lots of movement and along with the aerial drone shot at the beginning and end we were certain that this recipe would produce an interesting and impactful video. Drone and gimbal shots require planning so for this project we visited the site for a recce and so we could take a selection of photos. These photos along were used in a storyboard so we and Inhabit knew exactly what was required on each filming day. We also used the storyboards to develop the onscreen graphics which sped up the post-production process.

The video is being used for a few different audiences. The main outlet is their website and YouTube Channel, however it will also be included in presentations and played on loop at the many trade shows they attend throughout a year.

Soil Instruments sell and distribute their geotechnical instruments all over the world from their facility in the UK. This global audience meant that the video needed to be accessible to a very broad audience, so the decision was made to use text rather than voice-overs. The video will be translated into various different languages so the use of text will speed this process up and be more cost effective compared to voice-overs. The video was received very well and has been playing a key role in new customer acquisition since its release.