J.J. Corry – The Chosen

Drinks Brand Promo Film

J.J. Corry – The Chosen

Brief: To film and edit a drinks brand promo film for a new limited edition Irish Whiskey from J.J. Corry. The film should introduce the history of Irish whiskey and illustrate the inspiration behind the special release.

This brand film was produced by Coburn Communications and filmed and edited by Echo Video.  J.J. Corry was releasing a very special limited edition 27 year old single cask, single malt Irish whiskey called ‘The Chosen’ and they wanted a film for the launch event and their social media channels to help tell it’s story.

Irish whiskey is a rare commodity so it was important to the client that the film told the story of Irish whiskey and how that story inspired ‘The Chosen’. The landscape and weather of County Clare, Ireland plays a huge part in the taste and character of J.J. Corry’s range of whiskeys, including ‘The Chosen’. The film depicts this very well by showing the Wild Atlantic Way, the wind that is almost a constant, and the agricultural landscape that lies behind the sand dunes.

In order to capture the dramatic awe-inspiring landscape and seascape shots we used a drone. The advantage of using a drone for these shots is that we could fly out over the sea to show the beach and sand dunes from a different perspective and as the opening shot illustrates we could capture the waves breaking on the beach and rocks to add further drama and to draw the viewer in. The drone also allowed us to capture the landscape from a high point-of-view which helped portray the scale of the farm land. Whilst we were in Ireland we also recorded some sound tracks of each location which we used to add more texture and drama to the film by using them to create a rich audio bed of sound effects and music during the editing stage.

We visited J.J. Corry’s rackhouse where we captured Louise tasting whiskey and the Ash trees that grow nearby to help tie the different elements of the story together. The Ash trees were particularly important as the incredible cabinet that ‘The Chosen’ is presented in is handmade using Ash. For these shots we used a selection of equipment including a gimbal and a motion control rig so we could capture precise shots with smooth movement.

The other important thread that runs through the film is the collaboration between J.J. Corry, J HILL’s STANDARD and John Galvin Design. Including each of these Irish crafts-people in the video really emphasises the time, skill and patience that goes into creating a luxury product like ‘The Chosen’. Anike of J. HILL’s STANDARD designed the decanter and Eamonn Terry hand cut each of them in County Waterford, Ireland. John Galvin of John Galvin Design designed and handmade each of the wooden plinths that the decanter sits in and the cabinet which houses everything.

As well as this extended cut we also produced a 2 minute version for use on social media and we created five 45 seconds shorts which look at each of the different crafts. These were delivered in a square format for Instagram and act as easily digestible content to run alongside the main campaign.

Project Time:

6 weeks

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