Services: Pre-production | Filming | Drone filming | Gimbal Filming | Post-production
Approximate Project Time: 4 weeks
Price Band: £4,000+

Everso is a design and marketing agency based in Eastbourne and as part of their recent re-brand they wanted a brand film to help tell their story.

An inspirational brand film is an incredibly important part of any online marketing campaign as they delve a little deeper into a companies ethos. This is important because in today’s over saturated world of digital content and constant bombardment of people trying to sell to you, the human to human relationship is more important than ever. You can create a lasting impression in the audience if their beliefs and character align with what your message sets out. This is a far stronger method than direct selling as it contains personality, and personality is absolutely key as it is this that makes you different from all of your competitors.


Video is the best digital marketing tool for this type of relationship building as it’s a very emotive media, think of all those movies that have had you in tears, curled up laughing or shouting at the screen!

We worked with director Nick Sneath of TV Commercials UK on this production to realise David Mills’ creative treatment. This film sets out the dedication that each of the directors has for what they do. Because graphic design is such a personal skill and inspiration comes from what you surround yourself with, it was important to portray the personality of each of the three directors and what makes them tick. The activities that are used in this film also have the benefit of being directly relatable to the business, such as the precision of woodwork, the agility of mountain biking and the positive mindset to get up and seize the day.